Cell Imaging

Boréaceutique - Cell imaging services

We offer a cell imaging service. With our equipment, we are able to obtain high-definition cultured cells images by using fluorescence and/or a monochromator system which maximizes the differences in optical density. These images accurately and convincingly depict the active ingredient’s impact on cell survival, the production of biomolecules that are of decisive importance in the epidermis (collagen, elastin, invulocrin, etc.) and many other cosmeceutical properties. Fluorescence can be quantified, therefore allowing to evaluate the effect of some extracts or compounds on the stimulation of collagen. It is also possible to visualize and quantify elastin, invulocrin, filaggrin, and aquaporin.

Here is an example of immunofluorescence imaging of human skin fibroblasts,

The images show a full 96-well plate, with different magnifications. Collagen is coloured in green (GFP), and cell nuclei are coloured in blue (DAPI).